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Hiring Practices

Mack Employment's hiring practices are structured to effectively pre-screen eligible candidates, allowing for the best fit possible. We know it is a waste of your time as a prospective employer to spend time and money to train a new hire, only to find out that the candidate wasn't the best choice for the job or assignment.

Our hiring process, in coordination with your company, will streamline your overall recruitment and hiring process and allow for less turnover.

Some of our common hiring practice steps include:

• Helping you to determine the need for a new or replacement position.

• How to approach the need creatively with an addition of minimal staff

• Active coordination with your HR representative, every step of the way

• Developing and prioritizing key requirements needed from the employer

• Realistic assessment and determination of salary range for successful recruitment

• Determining the appropriate and best salary range for the position

Our Commitment

To continue to be a leader in the staffing service industry, provide excellence in service to our client companies, hold to our industry's ethical standards, treat our temporary employees and staff with dignity and equality, be profitable and instill pride in the workplace.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

“MACK’s business practice has always exceeded our staffing needs within the reasonable time limit given. We have had significant amounts of business staffing deals during the past two years, and we cannot recall a single incident while working with MACK. MACK is the best company that we have ever dealt with for our staffing needs. We maintain a close communication with the company’s internal staff and they have always kept us informed of upcoming staffing request status; thus scheduling jobs and knowing where we stand the day prior, is less stressful to operate. MACK always strives to match our needs and job requirements with high quality employees, which hardly require any modification at any later stage. Several of the their provided staff have become permanent hires our company. We recommend the experience to anyone requesting staffing needs.”
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