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Client FAQs

Please find a list of frequently asked questions with answers so you can learn more, right now. If you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help and remember if you don't ask the question, you will never know.

Have more questions about MACK Employment Services, Inc.? We'll address all your questions and concerns regarding the staffing solutions we offer. Please contact one of the convenient locations today!

Question: What does MACK Employment Services, Inc. do?

MACK Employment is a staffing agency offering employment resources to companies throughout South-eastern, Pennsylvania and bordering state regions. MACK Employment specializes in recruiting clerical, hospitality, industrial, light industrial, professional associates who cover a wide range of skills throughout the many industry sectors of business. MACK Employment clients experience a full-service partner with a flexible business model to potentially service many areas of their business.

There are many hiring practices MACK Employment can assist you with including direct hire, payroll transfer, temporary help, and temp to permanent placement we specialize, it is up to you to determine what works best for your organization.

Question: How long has MACK Employment Services, Inc. been in business?

MACK Associates was founded in 1981, where later acquired by new ownership in 1988 and changed to the present name of MACK Employment Services, Inc. MACK Hospitality Staffing a Division of MACK Employment Services, Inc. was formed in 1996 due to the demand, rapid growth and success in the hospitality industry. MACK Employment Services, Inc. continues to be a family owned and operated staffing company.

Question: Why should employers use a staffing company?

Many business leaders find the employee search and placement to be time-intensive and challenging. Employers also experience disappointment when they've hired an employee that just doesn't end up working out. The primary benefit of using staffing services is that professional employment agencies manage the entire employee search, screening and placement process so employers can get back their business.

When a client company places a 'help wanted' classified ad, more often than not, 90% of the applicants are unqualified. The other 10% meet some of the requirements but rarely all of them. At MACK Employment, our business is providing appropriately qualified employees. We recruit, screen, test and interview dozens of applicants every day. Our database is filled with quality candidates who are searching for employment opportunities. Using a staffing company is a much more efficient way to fill a position or positions versus soliciting resumes yourself via 'help wanted' classified advertising.

MACK Employment candidate placement process ensures that we find skilled talent with the right qualifications whose professional objectives align with a client company's goals. With the help of a staffing company like MACK Employment, employers can save time and money and eliminate the guesswork in finding the best candidate for the job. And, if a candidate is not the right fit, your recruiter at MACK Employment will resolve the problem by finding the right match.

Question: Why do companies resource specialized staff?

Companies of all sizes in both private and public sectors need services and resources that fall outside of their companies expertise. In addition, a contract employee can assist with a comprehensive project for a specified amount of time. Staffing firms have the tools necessary to help businesses discover the talent they need in order to supplement a company's regular workforce.

Question: How many companies use staffing services?

The American Staffing Association has long kept statistical analysis that approximately 90% of large companies use staffing services. The larger the company, the more likely it is to engage employment agencies for staffing solutions

Question: Isn't it too expensive to use contingent employees?

No. When you factor the costs to recruit, hire and train employees yourself, as well as the costs of unemployment and workers' compensation insurance, using contingent employees is a very economical and cost efficient HR strategy.

Question: What are the advantages of working with MACK Employment Services, Inc. over other staffing companies in South-eastern, PA and surrounding areas?

MACK Employment offers valuable market insight, top talent, exclusive job openings and a wealth of resources during the employee search and placement process. Our unique approach focuses on overall client-candidate fit to ensure we pair high-quality candidates with client companies that are aligned with their professional goals and preferences.

We serve as true reliable resource for client companies by delivering the best talent through highly knowledgeable, tenured teams in the markets we serve. Our references and associates speak to the value we have brought to the lives of our candidates and the difference we've made for our clients. We are industry leaders in the employee search process.


MACK Employment saves client companies time by consistently producing the best and brightest candidates for a job opening. We strive to present the top applicants, saving you time and ensuring the best results possible. Our effective hiring process ensures that you're satisfied with the candidate you've selected. When you utilize us to concentrate on employee search, you can stay focused on your business.


Question: Why are your employees working as temporaries?

Contingent staffing companies like MACK Employment serve as a bridge for employees searching for the "right" position. Qualified men and women from varied backgrounds look to us to help them find positions that best fit their skills and experience. Some of them may have recently relocated, are looking for a career change or have completed their education and want to explore their options before committing to any one company. Working as a contingent employee offers flexibility, variety and a chance to control personal employment needs.

Question: How quickly does MACK Employment Services, Inc. work to fill client company requests for an assignment?

Immediately or when you are ready. We pride ourselves in our sophisticated employee search and placement techniques that help us quickly find candidates with the skills needed to make an immediate contribution to your business. When client companies have a need for employees, our process helps them save time and money by focusing on finding the best talent for the job.


To learn more about how MACK Employment can quickly fulfill your staffing needs, please contact one of our convenient offices today.


Question: What if a client company decides to hire an associate full-time?

We understand how hard it is to find qualified, skilled talent to contribute to your organization. That's why Eastridge InfoTech offers a variety of unique technical staffing solutions to meet the demands of your business, including contract-to-hire employee search and placement.


Our contract-to-hire service allows clients to hire associates on a trial basis. With this option, candidates work for a specified period of time on our payroll, allowing clients to directly assess their work performance prior to hire. This service allows the placement fee to be amortized over a three- or six-month period, with no additional conversion charge.


We can provide you with the opportunity to hire any of our employees for a nominal fee. The fee is dependent on the length of time the employee has been at your office.


Question: Can MACK Employment Services, Inc. conduct background investigations and/or drug testing?

Yes. We can and do conduct background checks, drug testing and employment verifications. All federal, state, and local mandated employment verification is scrutinized daily by our teams. These checks can be as in depth as required by our clients, if there is further screening necessary, we will outweigh the cost and effectiveness for your company.

Question: Is there a payment or penalty for ending an order early?

No. However, MACK Employment does ask that you give us as much notice as possible so that we may place the employee on another job assignment. We hold accountable terms of a 4-hour minimum per assignment and a cancelation, which would be before 12 Noon the day prior to the assignment or for weekends by Friday's @ 12 PM. (Pending of course any unfortunate circumstances that neither parties may foresee or deem uncontrollable).

Question: How much notice do you need for filling positions?

MACK Employment can fill same day orders, or we can accept job orders for known medical or maternity leaves months in advance. Whatever the circumstance, we are here to meet your staffing needs in a timely and efficient manner. Timing and availability are everything when it comes to certain circumstances, let us assure you we will do everything in our power to try and meet your needs in anyway.

Question: What happens if a temporary employee does not meet the clients expectations?

Should any MACK Employment associate fail to satisfy your expectations, simply call one of our staffing coordinators within the 2 - hour grace period and we will promptly replace that individual or provide an appropriate credit to your account.

Question: Do you have competitive prices?

At MACK Employment our bill rates are always competitive. Depending on the type of employee(s) required as well as usage volume and other available services you may wish to utilize, we are more than happy to work with your company to target your companies budget demands.

Our Commitment

To continue to be a leader in the staffing service industry, provide excellence in service to our client companies, hold to our industry's ethical standards, treat our temporary employees and staff with dignity and equality, be profitable and instill pride in the workplace.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

“MACK’s business practice has always exceeded our staffing needs within the reasonable time limit given. We have had significant amounts of business staffing deals during the past two years, and we cannot recall a single incident while working with MACK. MACK is the best company that we have ever dealt with for our staffing needs. We maintain a close communication with the company’s internal staff and they have always kept us informed of upcoming staffing request status; thus scheduling jobs and knowing where we stand the day prior, is less stressful to operate. MACK always strives to match our needs and job requirements with high quality employees, which hardly require any modification at any later stage. Several of the their provided staff have become permanent hires our company. We recommend the experience to anyone requesting staffing needs.”
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